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The partners of the “European Digital Education for Social Inclusion and Global Neighborhood” (E-DESIGN) project held their second transnational meeting in Palermo (Italy), 2-4 July 2019.

The second meeting provided the chance to the partners to go through the structure and components of the work packages in further detail. Moreover, the project partners had the chance to present their own independent research and contributions with respect to the importance of digital skills in the current European market. The project team decided upon the duration and materials of the modules (namely microcontrollers, 3D Modelling , web development, and app development) while also, discussed on the necessity of creating and distributing a series of hand-outs to cover fields such as microbits, 3D Assembly, Raspberry pi, app development and web development.

Moreover, the agenda also addressed the issue of local/national synergies and the duration of the pilot testing phase, its proper monitoring/evaluation and by all means, the characteristics of the preferred target group and the ways to reach it. The E-DESIGN team also addressed the dissemination plan and how the contributions from all partners are of crucial importance in order to achieve an inclusive content to promote.

Summing up, the partners had the chance to once again go through the WPs management especially with regards to the communication and financial bits.

Committed to contributing their expertise to the ones less privileged, E-DESIGN team shook hands until their next meeting.


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