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The kick off meeting of the “European Digital Education for Social Inclusion and Global Neighborhood” (E-DESIGN) project just took place(30-31 January 2019) in ZAUG (Germany).

Given how young people from disadvantaged backgrounds, especially refugees and migrants seem to have difficulties in finding opportunities to improve their vocational and digital skills esp. if they live in rural areas – not to neglect the fact that most offerings regarding career councelling, (vocational) training, ICT access and training as well as social activities are often clustered in bigger cities, the project team seeks to design and develop training modules to sufficiently address this demand.

The partners met to primarily introduce their organizations, discuss any previous work related to the goals of E-DESIGN project and go over their competences. The agenda primarily focused on the allocation of activities and the contents of each work package. More specifically, the discussion revolved around the role of the national project manager, the monthly costs overview, the distribution of funding and the internal channels of communication (i.e Trello, Google Drive, etc.).

In addition to the above, the project team went through the preparation of WP2 that includes the set-up of ICT training hotspots, the surveys and all activities prior to implementation along with addressing the possible needs of the WPs starting later.

In conclusion, the partners set the overall agenda for the next meeting defining a basic set of criteria for the ICT training hotspots, the materials and the platforms that will be employed.

Next partners’ meeting will take place in Palermo in July.


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